We carefully choose who we partner with and make sure we partner with like organisations who
do similar causes, perform their promises and achieve their aims and objectives.

We form a strong working relationship by supporting like projects where we can work together.
Our partners are located all over the world so we can help to establish a global impact.

In all areas of partnership we aim to:
To help the poor
To help motherless babies home
More and better accommodation for the less privileged
More supply of food, equipment and clothing
Help and sponsor children education
Help improve motherless babies welfare
Provide better security and transport
Help with staff wages
Donate funds to sustain motherless babies’ homes that are in need of help.

One of our main focus will be also to partner with a recognised motherless babies home (orphanage)
to improve quality developments in all areas of maintaining the orphanages.


Email us at info@ncifoundations.org for more information or leave us a message on our contact page.


FAFA (Future Achievers Foundation Africa)

fafalogoAn NGO based in West Africa that is established to support youths to establish their goals and desires.


  • Revive and sustain interest in our socio-cultural heritage.
  • Encourage physical, mental and spiritual training.
  • Enhance the learning environment.
  • Improve the transmission of knowledge in the areas of Instructional tools and methods.
  • Raise the moral values of Teens.
  • Improve the quality of and accessibility to health care.
  • Increase proficiency in Information and Communication Technology.


Visit website www.fafaonline.org


sos-childrens-villages-logoWe support SOSCHILDREN’S VILLAGES.

Visit website: www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk


Mando New logo




MANDO is dedicated to improving the tomorrows of Maasai pastoralist, nomadic communities in Kenya by

  • finding water to combat extreme drought conditions
  • providing education for young people, especially girls
  • addressing health needs
  • working for gender equality, against female genital mutilation
  • creating sustainable livelihoods

Visit website : www.mando-maasai.org

MANDO are based in Nairobi Kenya

IFEKYLNE Charity Foundation Nigeria newlogoIFCKY

IFEKLYNE CF work hard to achieve causes that help the less privileged. With an outstanding corporate resume, IFEKLYNE have achieved outstanding results of helping the displaced communities, motherless babies, orphanages and hospital medical care reliefs just to ensure that those in need get the desperate help they need.  “Their mission is to restore that lost hope”. IFEKLYNE CF offices are located both  in Lagos State and Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Their works extend to all areas in Nigeria.

For more information about their awesome works please visit their website : http://icf.global/index/




The Tonto Dikeh Foundation focuses on giving support to young girls who has been either raped, molested or assaulted. They give hope to such young girls by providing help to them through their partners depending on their individual cases, they support them during ante natal and post natal period, they mentor these young women so they can fit into the society again with a new sense of belonging and giving them a second chance in life to be great.

For more information about their awesome works please visit their website  http://tontodikehfoundation.com