We value our partners

We carefully choose who we partner with and make sure we partner with like organisations who do similar causes, perform their promises and achieve their aims and objectives.

We form a strong working relationship by supporting like projects where we can work together.

Our partners are located all over the world so we can help to establish a global impact.

In all areas of partnership we aim to:

  • To help the poor
  • To help motherless babies home
  • More and better accommodation for the less privileged
  • More supply of food, equipment and clothing
  • Help and sponsor children education
  • Help improve motherless babies welfare
  • Provide better security and transport
  • Help with staff wages
  • Donate funds to sustain motherless babies' homes that are in need of help.

One of our main focus will be also to partner with a recognised motherless babies home (orphanage) to improve quality developments in all areas of maintaining the orphanages.



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Camden giving logo

Camden Giving is a partner based in Camden, helping charities like us. We were recently awarded by them to help with our current project. Camden giving manifesto is to see charities like us doing our work in a unique and valuable way. Link :




MANDO is dedicated to improving the tomorrows of Maasai pastoralist, nomadic communities in Kenya by finding water to combat extreme drought conditions, providing education for young people, especially girls, addressing health needs, working for gender equality, against female genital mutilation and creating sustainable livelihoods

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MANDO are based in Nairobi Kenya

The-Living-Centre-Somers-Town-and-St-Pancras-Logo  The Living Centre is our home hub charity. We say this because The Living Centre is a community centre that has provided a home for us, and immense support to our work continuity. Based in the Camden Borough ( North London ) the Living centre helps with the range of support and resources for local residents, around all aspects of health – from physical to mental health, ageing education to financial health education, professional training, counselling, career-advancing volunteering opportunities and more.